How to Call Abroad? Basics of International Calling

To make an international call, you must dial a number that is in this format:

your country's exit code + destination country's calling code + telephone number

Exit Code is the code you need to dial out of your country. It is also known as international call prefix, international access code or International Direct Dialing (IDD) code. According to International Telecommunications Union (ITU), 00 must be used as the standard exit code for all countries. But this standard is not followed by many countries. Note that exit code is sometimes replaced by the + symbol. To learn more, read the meaning of + symbol before an international number.

Country Calling Code is the code that you must dial to call to any other country. Each country is assigned a country calling code by International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Telephone Number is the number that you want to call. It may or may not include the area codes and starting digits to call mobile phones or cell phones.

To find out what number to dial to call from your country to another country, either use the country code finder tool, or check out the country calling codes page to find how to call to any specific country.

Important Note: Many countries also use the Trunk Code for domestic calls. But remember that trunk code must be used only for domestic calls. When calling to a country that uses trunk call, you must drop the trunk call digit (which is usually 0).